Who I am

Ewelina Szydłowska

Semi Permanent Make-up Artist


My name is Ewelina in the beauty industry I have been working for about 12 years. I gained the greatest experience working for 8 years in one of the most prestigious salons on Knightsbridge in London.

In 2016, I decided to start the adventure with permanent makeup and lip modelling with hyaluronic acid, which turned out to be my biggest passion in life. I am still deepening my knowledge, gaining new skills in the UK and abroad. I believe that continuous improvement is a guarantee of the highest quality services I offer.

I have VTCT level 4 qualifications in micro-pigmentation which proves my extensive knowledge about the services it offers. Thanks to the ability to analyze the proportions of the face and the techniques of its modelling, I know what should be emphasized, highlighted and hidden. Knowledge of the colour theory and techniques of colour analysis allows me to choose the right colour that will harmonize with the beauty and emphasize its beauty.

I also gained the title of Phi ARTIST to train in one of the most prestigious academies in the world. I am a retailer and I value aesthetics of work which translates into the final effect of the service. My goal is to bring out your natural beauty.

Beauty Creation Ewelina Szydłowska

Exceptional beauty deserves an exceptional treatment


Beauty begins in the moment when you decide to be yourself